We’re back!

Happy New Year! After a much needed unplugging, we’re back online. It’s been a busy couple of months, but we’re happy to report we finally found our new homestead and moved this fall.12062488_10153168353113994_1763491438_o Finding the balance between our list of wants and needs and the right location was tough, but after looking far and wide we found a house in the perfect location of our area. We almost bought far out in the country which probably would have been great, but it was such a relief to find somewhere with a country feel but close to some of the great spots in our area. We couldn’t be happier! 🙂

Our new neighbors.

It is a great little 2/3 acre plot with lots of potential. After doing all of our homesteading projects on under a half acre so far, we are excited about this extra space and what we can do with it. The house is great and just what we were looking for. It’s a 1940 farmhouse that now has a bungalow/cottage feel and also has tons of potential. After looking at some major fixer IMG_20160102_084936280_HDRuppers we were pleased to find something move in ready, but with some room for upgrades. Thankfully, we had plenty of time to transition to the new house with all of the animals and things to get ready. We built a chicken coop and some temporary goat houses. It was a blank slate so we’re working to get things as we want them and make it comfy for all of our critters. IMG_20151031_101345222_HDR

In other news, to prepare for the big move we did some downsizing on the farm. We butchered all of the ducks and rabbits, and about seven chickens. Our freezers are getting stocked for the winter and we’ll plan on getting more in the spring. It is so quiet without ducks around. We have one extra goat around now, because our little Georgia had a baby! We got Georgia not knowing she was pregnant at the time. Over time it became apparent that she was pregnant and one day we came home to her in labor. IMG_20160102_084732964_HDRShe ended up having to have a c-section and thankfully we lived next to a wonderful local vet who performed the surgery and was such a big help. We’re so grateful momma and baby were okay. We named the little one Savannah and she is the cutest, sweetest thing ever and has brought so much joy to our lives. Baby goats are the best!

Also, one of our chickens has become the best momma. IMG_20151003_173942194We put a few eggs under her and two little chicks ended up hatching. We decided to see how she would do with them and they are the cutest little family.

We are slowly getting settled on the new homestead. We’re working on plans for the garden and moving the goats to the yard, making space for pigs, and thinking of making a little pond for the ducks to come. We’ve joined a local produce group who will deliver fresh NC produce to us weekly while we figure out our garden plans. And we get to explore this new part of town where we’ve settled.

So many good things happened last year, we are so excited to see what this year will bring. The New Year is always such a fun time of new beginnings. We are wishing you the best for 2016!

Happy homesteading!


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