Winter on the Homestead

IMG_20150226_075520255 We’ve just been hit with another round of snow.  Five inches this time.  I have been able to go to work only three and a half days in the past two weeks, and even Michael’s work has closed and restaurants rarely do.

IMG_20150226_071509644This has been quite a February on the homestead.  Seems like endless winter storms.  It has been a struggle to keep the animals water unfrozen and the peace of mind that everyone is warm.  Last week we had snow and some of the coldest temperatures this area has seen in years. We decided we would move the rabbit hutches in the garage and keep them with a heat lamp.  We moved them out over the weekend and now we’ve gotten two more winter storms, but it has not been nearly as cold so we left them out.  Everyone seems to be doing okay, but the chickens would rather not walk around in the snow.  The pigs are sleeping late and are happy with a big hay bed. At least the little ducklings are still brooding, so they are staying nice and warm.


It is beautiful though, and peaceful.  It has also been nice getting a little time off of work to do things around the house and think about the coming Spring and the growing season ahead. We have started a lot of seeds and will be working on garden beds once we thaw out. There has also been a lot of cooking going on and it has been great feasting on what we had preserved from the fruits of our labor last year in our first couple of seasons on the homestead.

Stay warm!


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